Rainbow loom bunny charm tutorial

Rainbow loom bunny charm tutorial

In getting ready for the Easter season we decided that we need to make and share a video on how to make an Easter Bunny.  This one is going to take a while and can be done in a few steps if you like.  We suggest you first watch the entire video and then start to make the bunny after following along while watching the video again except this time following along.

Below if the Rainbow loom bunny charm tutorial:

Now with this tutorial like all the others we use the rainbow loom, fun loop brand bands and the hook to make this bunny charm.  It takes us just about an hour to do one now so just take your time and like we said watch the video a few times and you will do fine.

If you would like to buy some bands please click here NOW!

Thank you for reading the Rainbow loom bunny charm tutorial and watching our rainbow loom bunny charm video as well.  Don’t forget to please like and share this page with your friends so they can make a bunny charm with there rainbow loom and fun loops too!

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